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Why United Kingdom?
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From 2010 to 2016, an estimated annual average of 495,000 non-British citizens moved to the UK with the intention of staying for 12 months or longer. An estimated annual average of 190,000 left the country to live abroad during the same period.

Economic and labour market factors are a major driver of international migration and work is currently the main reason for migration to the UK. Language, study opportunities, and established networks are all factors that encourage people to migrate to the UK. The UK has relatively high numbers of migrants in comparison to other EU countries, but has neither the highest in absolute terms nor the biggest share of migrants in the population.

Cultural favoritism is also a major factor attracting immigrants. With diverse multicultural atmosphere and people celebrating harmony and tolerance, United Kingdom remains one of the best choice to migrate from all the corners of the world. Every year a lot of people dream of immigrating to UK to access the career opportunities, or give their family a better standard of living. If you too have a dream like that, do not let it go, give it a try, at least once, who knows what future is beholding for you. We can help you in that, Migratnow did, for thousands of people. Come Visit us, our team of best immigration consultants in Dubai UAE, will assist you through out the whole process.

Immigration to UK

The History

Everywhere you look in the UK, you’ll be surrounded by thousands of years of history. A simple walk down the street can turn into an impromptu history lesson as you pass historic churches, homes, and even castles.


If you work a full time job, you will be privy to the 28 paid days off per year by law in the UK. They also have nine unpaid bank holidays and continue the custom to close up shop over the Christmas to New Year holiday, which means you’ll have plenty of time to travel to all those great places that are so close by.

Natural beauty

Any outdoor person will be right at home with all the beautiful country Great Britain has to offer. You’ll be able to hike mountains, stroll through the fabled countrysides, and enjoy a coastline that is beyond beautiful.

Geographic Location

With 24 commercial international airports, travel to and from the UK is a breeze. Because of its location, it’s a geographic hub, which makes trips elsewhere in Europe, as well as fast overseas travel, a piece of cake.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

What is Enrepreneur Visa?

Foreign Nationals willing to set up or run a business in the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for UK Tier- 1 Entrepreneur Visa Program in exchange of ₤ 200,000 of investment. This program is applicable to the immediate family members (spouse and children under 18) of the primary applicant. It is necessary to provide a proof of sufficient amount of investment to establish company and meet language proficiency requirements. The Entrepreneur Visa is granted for a tenure of 3 years and is extendable for next 2 years. Upon successful completion of 6 years the applicant can apply for British Citizenship.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur points table

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applications are assessed using a points system, applicants must score a full 95 points to be granted a visa. The following table gives a detailed breakdown of how points are awarded. Migratenow help its client to process the application and documentaion with all ease and fast paced speed, where our dedicated Immigration Consultants in Dubai will be always there to assist you.



Having access to at least £200,000 of disposable investment funds OR having at least £50,000 from one of the following:

  • One or more registered venture capital firms
  • One or more UK Entrepreneurial seed funding competitions
  • One or more UK government departments


Having investment funds that are held in a regulated financial institution


Having investment funds that are free to spend


Having access to the required maintenance funds


Meeting the required level of English language proficiency


Requirements and Test Points for Tier 1 Migration

The Tier 1 Migration System uses a points test to qualify applicants. Applicants must score 95 points in order to be successful, as well as meet the normal basic requirements.

  • English language ability
  • Available settlement funds
  • Qualification
  • Age
  • Previous Earnings
  • UK Experience or Qualifications

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