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CANADA - Land of Dreams

Why Canada?

Canada is one of the most ideal country in the world for immigration and settlement. It is truly a land of many cultures. Canada has welcomed immigrants from almost all parts of the world. It provides numerous growth opportunities to immigrants. Approximately 20% of Canada’s 35 million people are foreign-born, which makes Canada one of the world’s most multicultural countries. In Toronto, Canada’s largest city, almost half of all residents are immigrants, plus there are significant immigrant communities in many other Canadian cities and towns.

The benefits include having access to a safe and clean environment, a well-developed public transport system, healthcare, education, and good working conditions.

If you are looking to migrate to Canada, get in touch with us. Please read below for all the different kinds of Canadian visas that we can help you with.

Top Reasons

Travel to 176 Countries

As of FEB 2018, with Canadian passport you can travel to 176 countries visa free or on arrival. Its most highly soughted passport in the world. Perfect for travel and adventure enthusiast.

Free high quality Education

Canadian permamant residents enjoy free education which means less financial burden on parents. Most of the universities and colleges are world class and accepted by the whole world. And its FREE!

Low Crime, Safe & Sound

Canada is one of the most stable and low crime country compared to others. Law and order is very strict and citizens enjoy safe and stress free living environment.

Stable Economy

Plenty of various opportunities thrives in Canada. Many people find they dream jobs there. The economy is steady which means more jobs and more investment opportunities.

State of Art Healhcare

Nobody wants to compromise on health. In Canada, health care is best of the best. Best specialised hospitals, best reknowned doctors and highly advanced laboratories. And its FREE!

Dual Citizenship Allowed

If you want to keep your current passport, No problem!. If you become a Canadian permanant residece and apply for passport, Canada does not mind!. You can keep Both. How nice!

Types of Visas for CANADA

Express Entry

This is the most fastest way to get permanant residency in Canada. Call us now, and we will get you there.

Family Visa

Beauty about Canada is they care about your family. Bring your family members and enjoy life in Canada.

Student Visa

Getting quality education abroad is every student's dream. Explore our universitites and visa options.

Investment Visa

Canada has most stable and growing economy. Invest, work and grow your business leading to residence permit.

Province Nomination

One of a way to boost your express entry CRS score and guarantee your ITA. Talk to us for furhter information.

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